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environment might not be normal midterm environment at all and every member of coping, democrat, republican needs to watch out because running on anti-washington platform could be a big winner no matter who the incumbent is, no matter who the challenger is. >> if you add up the numbers, there are more republicans holding seats right now. so technically that could be more troublesome for republicans. chris. >> i would add, andrea, i think we always focus on the general election because that's what we're talking about, the battle for control and the majority. but mark has got it exactly right. i would say if you're an incumbent, saichl safely democratic or republican seat, if you're an incumbent and someone marginally credible files against you, you need to pay much more attention if these poll numbers are to be believed and i think they are because we've seen lots of data like this. you need to pay more attention. being in washington is already essentially grounds for firing at this point in the eyes of many voters. i think yes the general election, many primaries, a busy primary season if t
to that, in order for this to change the environment, make our own environment, we have to change the political environment as well. which means attract many more women to public service, elective office as well as appointive. >> doesn't it also mean, i think a lot of women feel on some level that our rights are being rolled back. we were having a conversation about access to birth control. access to abortion. we had two very disruptive, destructive decisions this week from the d.c. circuit court on birth control. then in texas. i'd love to get your reaction on those two cases. because, again, i think all of the things you're talking about, women can't even get to the point where they're able to participate in the economy in that way when they can't even control their own bodies. >> the respect for women, for their judgment, for their role in the workplace, is really all of one piece. affordable care act, no longer will being a woman be a pre-existing medical condition. after much attack the president and those of us who advanced the bill, the law, supported a woman's reproductive
in the area of east los angeles california in 1982 in an environment that value as quick fix over education and learning, a new teacher at garfield high school. that's wikipedia. here is rand paul. >> in the area of east l.a., in 1982, in an environment thatle have as a quick fix on education over learning, he was a new math teacher at garfield high school. >> rand paul is just reading wikipedia and passing it off as if it is his open words. wikipedia entry continues. as the year progresses, he is able to win over the attention of the students by implementing innovative teaching techniques, able to transform even the most troublesome teens in to dedicated students. hit it, senator paul. >> as the year progressed, he was able to win over the attention of students by implementing innovative teaching techniques. he transformed even some of the most troublesome teens in to dedicated students. >> and wedding bells were rippinging tuesday at the supreme court. former just tip is an take day o'connor owe fesh yofficiated te same sex wedding. and that is this morning's dish of scrambled politics. >
'm not an attorney but i would wonder where you can define neglect by creating an environment neglectfully where somebody could get hurt versus them hurting themselves. i don't know that legal distinction. i know that a slippery floor, i hard floor, an unlit step, somebody with a big device in their hand all spell lawsuits, all spell danger. when i look at a businesslike this, i see a conscientious entrepreneur who started a business she believes in. but the nature of the business is worrisome. i worry how you survive without a lawsuit somewhere. >> but i mean, you're an attorney, lawsuits lurk everywhere. you said slippery floor, shadowy step. can you protect yourself against everything? >> no, you can't. nothing is foolproof. she's very smart, she has a detailed limitation of liability. but also she seems to know her customers really, really well. she says no a lot. she's not letting every person in her doors. she's thoughtful about her environment, about what's in it but also who she's bringing into the establishment to create a safe experience and limit her liability. >> it's obvious, she ne
with not having all code tested in a single environment. finally, the system requires rapid development and release of hot fixes and patches so it is not always available or stable during the duration of the testing. secondly, the security contractor has not been able to test all of the security controls in one complete version of the system. and if you look in the first part, which is most troubling at all, it says due to system readiness issues, the security control assessment was only partly completed. this constitutes a risk that must be accepted before the marketplace day one operations. so let me tell you what you did. you allowed the system to go forward with no encryption on backup systems. they had no encryption on certain boundary crossings. you accepted a risk on behalf of every user of this computer that put their personal financial information at risk because you did not even have the most basic end-to-end test on security of this system. amazon would never do this. pro flowers would never do this. kayak would never do this. this is completely an unacceptable level of secur
the retailing environment should be getting better if there is growth coming in the u.s. economy. but the government shutdown hasn't helped the story and some of the retailers are feeling some pain at the moment. so walmart has dragged forward a whole month it internet offering, it has some big deals on the website. there will be seven special deals. including a tv and tablet. so have a look at their website as they pull forward these sales ahead of thanksgiving. >> more deals the better, right? enjoy your monday in london. thank you so much. >>> well, did you enjoy your extra hour this weekend? we want to know what did you do productive or unproductive with your extra hour. tweet us your answers using #way too early. we'll give you the best answers later in the show. i didn't even use mine until last night. i went all day yesterday an hour different than anybody else, but i got the an extra hour's sleep. still ahead, the texans took a three score lead in the first half last night, but then a scary moment clahanged the whol game. and snl isn't shy when it comes to criticism. the
the plain plot this way "in the area of east los angeles california in 1982 in an environment that values quick fix over education, a new teacher at garfield high school." that's wikipedia. here's rand paul. >> in the area of east l.a., in 1982, in an environment that values a quick fix on education over learning, escalante was a new math teacher. >> just look gattica. rand paul is reading wikipedia, passing it off. the entry continues. as the year progresses he is able to win over attention of the students by implementing innovative teaching techniques, able to transform the most troublesome teens into dedicated students. hit it, senator paul! >> as the year progressed he was able to win over the attention of students by implementing innovative teaching techniques he transformed even some of the most troublesome teens into dedicated students. >> wherever did you hear that? >> quoting wikipedia, while he teaches arithmetic and elementary intermediate algebra, he realizes his students hatch far more potential. he decides to teach them calculus. go, senator, go. >> while he was teaching, he
, california, in 1982, in an environment that values a quick fix, he is a new teacher at garfield high school. that is wikipedia. here is rand paul. >> in the era of east l.a., in 1982, in an environment that values a quick fix over education and learning, escalonte was a high school teacher. >> rand paul was reading wikipedia, passing it off as if it is his own words. >> well, three more times in that same speech, rand paul repeated lines that came from the wikipedia entry for "stand and deliver." what do you make from it, guys, that he is relying on somebody, which is a questionable source to start with. >> he must have been relying on the speech, the government shutdown, that has had to import something else. maybe he could find perhaps of a higher quality if he is going to go ahead and plagiarize. >> thank you, do you have a thought? >> you know, social conservatives flock there, i am sure it must have been interesting hearing them listen to literature about -- that satanic hollywood being quoted to them as an example of the pathway forward. >> okay, thank you, guys, thank you, we'll be r
this way. quote, in the area of east los angeles california in 1982 in an environment that values a quick fission over education and learning, jaime escalante its a new teacher. that's wikipedia. here's rand paul. >> in the area of east l.a., in 1982, in an environment that values a quick fix on education over learning, escalante was a new math teacher at garfield high school. >> two clear cases of plagiarism from a sitting u.s. senator in two high profile speeches. rand paul is not just any u.s. senator though. a senator who wants to be president. plagiarism scandals dogged presidential candidates, notably joe biden in 1988. took him a decade or more to recover. this sort of thing has happened before in recent american history. it has consequences for years and years when they do stuff like this. for two days now, senator paul and his office, responded to this evidence of plagiarism by basically not responding at all. the senator would not talk to us, would not talk to his hometown paper. would not talk to various news outlets that tried to get a comment from him on this. some explanatio
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distinction we will take that." >> all of this is an in environment. where you half the other side claiming there are death panels. you have the frank lund language. this is the end of humanity as we know it. hyperbole. yes, they were looking to have a very, straight forward streamlined message that americans could really, attach to, attach their support for. against hyperbole. now we are seeing what is happening with that. same time. again. big picture. this will change the lives of millions of americans. that fact should not beep lost. >> you have tried off to leg on. now because you are in new york, you get to use the the new york website which is working pretty good. >> yes. the first week. not working. not working. not going to sit here and line. it was not working. because i am uninsured. i was patient. i've rationed my inhaler for a year. i was patient. perhaps more than people doing it symbolically. and they don't have to call, call centers, log on to sites to get other services in that way. i was logging on. i have plans to pick from. i haven't picked one. not picking out a shirt.
this way. quote, in the area of east los angeles, california, in 1982 in an environment that values a quick fix over education and learning, a new teacher at garfield high school. that's wikipedia. here's rand paul. >> in the area of east l.a. in 1982 in an environment that values a quick fix on education over learning, he was a new math teacher at garfield high school. >> it's just like "gatica." rand paul is just reading wikipedia and passing it off as if it's his own words. >> and this is on teleprompter. >> yeah, that's a mistake that -- i think this is evidence you have to be careful if you're rand paul, ted cruz, or anybody running for president, you can't go too far too fast. the spotlight is on you much more -- i mean, i tell everyone who starts working for "the post" and for us, wikipedia is not a primary source. you certainly can't pull large sentences from it. that is a danger for rand paul. i would say, look, i think rand paul is a very serious presidential candidate. many people disagree with me. i would say, however, this is someone who was not in elected office, andrea, prior
exist in a vacuum. there's a lot more complexity to the current political environment, which in many ways is the story of american politics in the tea party era. >> let's talk about the president. >> between syria, between the shutdown, between obama care, how are his approval numbers stacking up? >> record lows. >> the president's approval rating dropped five points. >> at an all-time low. >> is this more than just the second-term curse? >> if he goes below where he is right now, he's going to be in george bush territory and that's hard to come back from. >> the latest nbc news poll does, indeed, find that the president's approval rating is at a five-year low, and it is true that his popularity rating is hovering where george bush's was five years into his presidency. but there's an important distinction about where their presidency and where their parties are at. in november of 2005, with president bush licking his wounds from the spiral iraq war, the devastation from katrina war, the embarrassment of the harriet miers supreme court nomination, bush saw virginia as a place where he
a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. cinnamon and sugar so delicious. oh yeah. the cinna-sweet taste you just can't resist. cinnamon toast crunch. crave those crazy squares®. >>> sox/cardinal game. top of the first, rbi double of adam wainwright taking the sox to an early lead. big papi tied world series record. >> legendary. >> incredible performance. how about the fourth? cardinals trying to make a go of it. matt holliday doesn't have the protection of albert pujols. it ties the game at 1-1. seventh david ross in for jarrod saltalamacchia. rips one down left field. bounces it into the seats. sox take a 2-1 lead to tack on another run in that inning and absolutely gem from jon lester. seven and two-thirds, the seven strikeouts and red sox on the brink of another title with a 3-1 win. game six in boston wednesday. >> can we do it tonight? >> i would do it tonight. barnacle is back. >> can we get a close up? >> end of baseball season. >> i want close ups of hd of barnacle all morning. he
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, is the state department's own security environment threat list lists benghazi and tripoli in the top ten of the most dangerous facilities the state department has worldwide, and a lot of people don't realize, tripoli was evacuated -- the embassy in tripp lee evacuated as well. so a lot of blame is on the state department for not being prepared for the response to communicate effectively to the military to get help. they really left their people hanging and i see them in patrick kennedy. >> are the republicans doing this right? i'm not a big fan of darrell issa because i think he's on staff for publicity half the time, but is it possible we could hope that democrats and republicans on the committees when they look at this, will focus intently on the reasonable questions like why -- did we do as much as we could at the time? that's to me the most important. >> these are questions that hillary is absolutely going to have to put to rest and answer if she's going to ever run for president in 2016. it's a huge sort of black mark on her. she'll really have to answer, say what was she doing? why
at the top of the ticket. you have to talk economy, you have to talk education, you have to talk environment. the social conservatives don't seem to get that. >> why isn't it that the republican party in that sense is able to be looked to like new jersey for example as opposed to virginia. i noticed in the article about this memo, the guy who wrote the memo, talking about how bad everything is with republicans and how they need to change, he moved to texas. trying to get people to bring their businesses from california to texas. so he didn't actually do much to reform the party, just got out of there. why are -- >> he did and this is part of the problem. >> why are they doing more? there are examples of republicans doing okay in blue states, why aren't they -- >> it is a good question. i want to hear bill's answer, right after this. ig goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art moni
of the day this was a superior candidate in an environment that very much favored democrats. >> jim, let me ask enthusiast, from outside of virginia not following the race close lui it makes no sense to me a libertarian candidate who run against cuccinelli whose conservative policies are pretty good. he was less than diplomatic in his book taking on social security, medicare, doing a lot of things saying man that's not smart if you want to get elected in america. yet a libertarian is pulling eight points from him. if the libertarian isn't in the race it would be much close center >> it would be much closer. cuccinelli has had baggage since the beginning on scandal coverage that had an effect on this race. >> why do the libertarians feel a candidate against one of the most conservative guys you can find in virginia. >> welcome to the republican party. that's the debate we've been having on capitol hill in most cases someone is never conservative enough and there's a difference between the libertarian strain of conservatism right now and even the conservative strain of the conservatism right
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african-americans. it is the height of hypocrisy. for people to use race in an environment that is already charged because of the death of an innocent young man, to use race to say, you know what, something is wrong with them. i don't want to see another trial. where the person who was killed is on trial, and not the person who did the killing. >> absolutely. representative marsha fudge and lucy mcbath, thank you both. and ms. mcbath, thank you so much. >> it was a pleasure. thank you. >> and we'll be right back in a moment. [ male announcer ] what if a small company became big business overnight? ♪ like, really big... then expanded? ♪ or their new product tanked? ♪ or not? what if they embrace new technology instead? ♪ imagine a company's future with the future of trading. company profile. a research tool on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade. yes. cup your hands together for me. rub it all the way up your hands. any exposed skin. and get the backs of your hands too. put some just around your neck. [ bell rings ] you're good to go. okay great thanks, here. can you hold him? [ bell ri
. >> even keeping the country safe in this environment? >> of course we can keep the country safe on $400 billion a year. we don't need $600 billion. bill clinton was keeping the country safe on $400 billion. second, we have to means test the entitlements. there is nothing in the trust funds. that's confetti. we have to means test and go for the affluent recipient, reduce his benefits under medicare and social security and then finally we need to have some more revenue, but it's going to be hard to find. >> well, there's a lot of money sitting offshore that's not taxed. that's for another discussion. i want you to come back. i enjoy visiting with you. we will do it again. mr. stockman, thank you very much. that's "the ed show." "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts now. good evening, al. >> good evening, ed. >>> and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, the truth about the gop effort to kill obama care. it's not really about the health care website. it's about the entire law. today republican leaders made that clear. >> you know, the problem with obama care isn't just t
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of a content strategist among other things at the startup. very different environments. how do these different sectors range in terms of their treatment of women and especially women as mothers? >> it's funny so since the book has been out, i've literately heard from thousands of women around the country with these similar stories of maxing out. they are in every single industry you can imagine. i mean, there are architects, doctors, nurses, social workers, engineers, scientists, people who are barely getting by financially, people who have a big mortgage. they really run the gamut. i think -- i've heard that health care is supposed to be better, although i do get messages from people in health care saying they are struggling. i think it's pretty u bik qui tus, we work the longest hours of any developed country in the world. and that's just part of our problem. >> katrina, what you just said relates to the question i was going to ask you, do you think the book you've written speaks to all working moms or is it targeted to more upper middle class working moms? i ask that because a lot of workin
to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. >>> here's a confusing fact about the jobs picture in america. the unemployment rate has fallen to 7.2%. that's about 11.3 million americans. but there are more than 3 million open jobs out there right now. that doesn't make sense, right? millions of people who need jobs at the same time millions of jobs are available. turns out there are many reasons why. the biggest is the skills gap. not enough people with the skills to do those open jobs. that's why we must come together to find smart answers, including retraining workers and providing education later in life. the good news is there are places where this important work is already being done. in philadelphia, they're confronting the problem head on with a program that is giving people new skills and new hope. so tonight we begin a new phase-in our advancing the dream series with the focus on training, on education, on finding common ground to close that skills gap. joining me now are sheila ireland, director of the program i just mentioned, the west philadelphia sk
as republicans with micah. this political environment we now have and were probably not going to see fade too much over the next six months, this feels to me like a rerun of 92. you had anger at both parties and in fact if you look at the numbers, if they are not records, they go back to 92. 92 had a corruption in capitol hill with the check bouncing scandal and out of touch political party with the republicans in the white house and president bush was out of touch on political problems. it led to the rise of a third party and both parties getting ousted in ways we had never seen before. is that what 2014 looks like to you? >> yes. i think the short answer is yes. i think obviously in order to be somebody you have to have somebody. the problem with the third party question is that a lot of districts, there is no liable third party candidate. i would say in terms of this anti-washington anti-politician trend, it does seem to be that it is affecting republicans a little bit more than democrats. when we asked democrats how they felt about the democratic party, 73 percent per are favorable for de
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to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. >>> welcome back to "hardball." voters are so angry at republicans for shutting down the government that once reluctant democratic candidates are now stepping up to take on the gop incumbents. the state democratic party chair in deep red nebraska told "the new york times," quote, if i ever see ted cruz all i'm going to say is thank you, thank you. i would've been in witness protection. i didn't have anybody to run. democrats still have a long shot to take back the house in 2014. but their path to victory is now more realistic prior to the political showdowns and shutdowns. thanks to the gop's plummeting poll numbers throughout and the likes of ted cruz and cruz is the reason for the democrats' come back. political analyst charlie cook says democrats need four things to happen if they want a serious shot to take back the house. anyway, gop continued self-destructive behavior, more gop retirements, a fractured gop, and quality democratic recruits. well, the recruits are coming out of the woods. one of the democrats' top recr
in a peaceful environment and complete their education. now they live in fear, constant fear. i'm aware pakistani and american government may be aware of these drones happening and i feel the pakistani government has failed me because i'm a citizen of that country. as a citizen, their duty is to protect me. i feel a bit neglected. obviously i just don't understand that. but what i do want is that these two governments find a way to bring peace in my neighborhood, either by discussion and ending these drones so we don't have to live in fear any longer. >> jennifer, i'd like to ask you a question. in terms of this conversational void to let this family tell their story which is highly underdiscussed in terms of the casualties from these drone strikes, do you expect the u.s. government -- how optimistic are you this policy can change. this policy of drone strikes seem to be working quite well for parts of the counter-terrorism community. what's your feeling now that the family has been in the united states and told this story? >> i think we're very optimistic. we're optimistic if you put a
, this allegedly targeting tsa, this is why in the environment we would call it a violence in workplace, potential violence in workplace situation because it appears and realize there's a lot to be learned, it appears this individual went in and somehow was targeting tsa. the question is, what is his beef? what had his relationship with tsa? if it is home grown, there's so many other ways to resolve conflict but unfortunately violence is a means of conflict resolution in this country. >> tell us more about tsa officers in general. they are not really police but do have that sort of responsibility within one area of the airport. but there are also actual officers and military personnel at airports. they don't have guns but they are sort of first level of response. tell us about tsa and what we need and expect from them? >> of course, tsa came about after 9/11 when we had planes hijacked and other individuals running metal detectors. tsa is well trained as they are, these are security officers, not law enforcement officers, don't carry guns or have the power of arrest. they rely on local police, she
operating in a normal environment, that is where the republicans as well as the democrats were trying to make the law work instead of trying to destroy it, we would pass a bill in congress quickly that gave the federal government the ability to make sure that insurance companies didn't mislead their customers and that if they did, they were severely sanctioned and fined for it and the proper information was given to people. instead we have republican governors and legislatures doing everything they can to sabotage the navigators and others giving out correct information. >> the onus has been put on the federal government to get the website exchanges up and running. >> not just to get the website exchanges up and running but to give out a lot of the information because the states aren't doing it. >> in so many of these reds states there has obstruction in getting the exchanges up and running. in states where they are running we've seen success, in maryland an also kentucky. but we continue to push through this thing together. we'll let you go, sir. new york congressman jerrold nadler.
office because of various fears regarding partisan political environment, funding, a host of issues. are you more confident the system they have in place now, the folks they are bringing in, the outside consultants are going to have an easier, less thorny time unraveling problems with this website they would have had six months ago? it seems the climate around the aca was no less heated than it was preelection. >> there's no question they obviously have a better management in place, property back jeffrey zients, former director, quite capable, president is involved, getting nightly briefings on it. there's no question they have a more concerted focus and better management structure for getting this done. whether they will actually fix the website by the end of november remains to be seen because it is such a formidable task. that still remain to be seen. >> it is an exhaustive and thorough piece. thank you so much for report, "washington post." that you for your time. >> thank you. >> after the break, debate over the farm bill focused on how much to slash food stamps. lawmakers also
feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment. >>> now it's time to clear the air. in september, 1964, two months after president lyndon johnson signed the civil rights act into law, senator strom thurman, candidate for president, who specialized in epic filibusters of civil rights laws and one of 21 democrats, plus 6 republicans, to vote against the 64 bill, quit the democratic party. he became one of only two republican senators to represent a southern state. the other was john tower of texas. when strom passed away in 2008, he was praised by congressman joe wilson, and senator jeff sessions as having helped to build the modern republican party in the south. thurman was one of the most famous party-jumpers in american political history but far from the only one. lots have done it. ronald reagan, judge jesse helms. lieberman became independent in 2001 and 2006. and arlen specter, the 29-year republican senator from pennsylvania became a democrat in 2009. which brings us to charlie crist, who this morning announced he will run for florida governor as a democrat. h
of playing and a lot of patience, we got them used to the environment and built simulators and practiced and practiced. >> quick question, who let the dogs out? is my first question. >> clever. >> he makes jokes. i always wanted to know -- second question. you don't have to answer that. >> oh, good. >> my second is more serious, you document how there's an emotional response from dogs when they see certain humans they recognize. is there any link there to why we as human beings feel so close to dogs? >> well, that's a great question. i've been studying humans for a very long time. there are certain parts of the brain that humans respond to when we interact with each other. so really the reason we're doing this is to try to figure out if dog's brains respond like humans in similar really do. growing up, my dog always knew when i was sick. it was fascinating. but here in new york city, i cannot tell you how often i'm on a run or even at a restaurant and dogs are treated like human beings, whether they're being strolled around in a stroller, whether they're being fed caviar or they're dres
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